About the therapist



Life is full of stress and difficulties, leading to a disruption of daily harmony. It has been rewarding to provide support for individuals, couples, and families who need help with these tough times.  I believe in having a very down to earth and comfortable practice. I like to address each person differently and as a whole. I work by addressing not only the “thinking” aspects but also spiritual aspects of one’s life. I do this by implementing each person’s individual faith in to their treatment. Many of my satisfied patients refer to my care as “custom” counseling, since each session is individualized for the patient.

I graduated in 1978 with a BS in Nutrition from Northern Illinois University,  and then in 1980 I  graduated with my MS Ed in counseling also from Northern Illinois University. In 1995 I earned my doctorate (PhD) in Counseling from the University of North Texas.

I currently reside in the Denton area with my wife of 25 years and our children. In my free time, I enjoy playing games with my family, tending to my farm, raising livestock, and participating in church activities.